173d Fighter Wing (Kingsley Field)

1 May 2017        
SUBJECT:  Troop Camp Quarters Usage  
1.  The Kingsley Field Troop Camp was established as a variance IAW ANGH 32-1084 by NGB to support transient student pilots, Drill Status Guardsmen (DSG’s), and Temporary Duty (TDY) personnel in an effort to offset the costs of using commercial lodging.  Troop Camp provides the Oregon Air National Guard (ORANG) with a cost effective means to furnish temporary lodging for ORANG members and others in an official duty status.  This resource is not a guaranteed entitlement but a privilege and is contingent upon funding and the discretion of the 173d Fighter Wing Commander.  It is in each unit’s best interest to promote and encourage the maximum usage of Troop Camp since resultant cost savings may be utilized to help fund other mission requirements.
2.  Due to the unique nature of our mission and facilities the guidelines and expectations for Troop Camp differ from typical lodging or Government Quarters found at other locations.  The standards applied to typical lodging or Government Quarters found at other locations are not applicable to Troop Camp; however, efforts have been made to upgrade Troop Camp for members’ quality of life.  Troop Camp is a multi-use facility that houses other base functions.  Members who are using this facility need to ensure that they are conducting themselves accordingly and adhering to Troop Camp Standards (see Attachment 1, Troop Camp Standards).          
3.  The following personnel categories are authorized by priority to use Troop Camp:  
 a. Transient Student Pilots who are performing TDY training.
 b. Unaccompanied ORANG DSG’s, non-commuting guard members, whose home of record is located outside the established Kingsley Field local commuting area (refer to Local Commuting Area memorandum from Comptroller Flight) when performing active or inactive duty training periods at Kingsley Field to include but not limited to Regularly Scheduled Drill (RSD), Rescheduled Drill (RD), Military Essential Skills Training (MEST) days, Annual Training (AT), and Special Training (ST).  DSG’s performing RSD will take priority on RSD.  Other members, and their families, may be transferred to contracted lodging for the RSD if space is needed for DSG’s.  
 c. Military personnel and DoD civilian employees on TDY or Permissive TDY orders.                                                                        d. Kingsley Field non-commuting guard members on long tours or temporary Active Guard Reserve (AGR) tours not to exceed 30 days. e. Full time Kingsley Field, 550th Fighter Squadron members, and immediate family members in Permanent Change of Station (PCS) status for Active Duty, AGR, or Technician not to exceed 30 days. 
 f. 173 FW/CC, or designee, has authority to identify guests of the installation and amend eligibility for purposes of inclement weather, natural disaster, or other safety concerns such as extended duty hours due to duty position requirements. 
4.  Full time employees to include Temporary Technician, Indefinite Technician, and AGR are not authorized users of Troop Camp.  
5.  All requests to use Troop Camp for persons not included in the categories listed in section 3 above, or extending past authorized use, must be approved individually and in writing.  Squadron Commanders will utilize the attached Troop Camp Exception to Usage Request letter template.
 Note: When staying in Troop Camp orders must reflect appropriate usage/availability of government quarters. Members who occupy Troop Camp should consult with the Comptroller Flight regarding travel and Basic Allowance Housing (BAH) entitlements.    6.  When rooms are available, DSG members should utilize Troop Camp.  If rooms are not available the Troop Camp Manager will place drill status members in off-base contracted lodging.  Troop Camp Manager will pay the contracted lodging costs for members in drill status.  Members in a status other than drill status, to include but not limited to AT, ST, MEST, TDY, PCS, and receiving per diem are encouraged to utilize Troop Camp when rooms are available.  If a member utilizes commercial lodging, they are expected to procure and pay their own lodging costs using the government travel card and file a travel voucher for reimbursement.  
For maximum resource utilization, especially during RSD periods, members will be provided accommodations as determined by rank/grade and IAW AFI 34-135 Table 1.1 and para 1.4.4:  
 a. E1-E4 will share a room and central bath 
 b. E5-E6 will have a private room and central bath
 c. E7-E9, Commissioned Officers, and Civilians will have a private room and private bath
 Note:  Male and female guests will not share sleeping rooms or bathrooms.  Members and their immediate family members are only authorized in rooms with private sleeping area and bath or in adjoining rooms with central bath.
7.  Reservations are required at least 72 hours in advance to honor priority of guests, maximize usage of Troop Camp, and ensure room accessibility.  All members on status other than RSD will require leaving a copy of the orders/authorization with the Troop Camp office upon check in.  For further guidance on reservations refer to Troop Camp Standards. 

8. If the member has preference of roommates or suite mates in Troop Camp (E-4 and below), these requests need to be made no later than 72 hours in advance of the RSD.  Members will adhere to the scheduled reservations. Once a reservation is made, changes will not be made without approval from the Troop Camp Office Manager.   

9. Members will provide notification of cancellation to Troop Camp staff at least 48 hours in advance.  When the wing incurs costs due to a member on drill status failing to adhere to the cancellation policy the matter will be referred to the unit commander for action.  Supervisors may cancel reservations on behalf of the member.  Exceptions can be made for emergencies and inclement weather.  

10. Guests staying more than five consecutive days are exempt from daily housekeeping; however, housekeeping will change towels, check bathrooms (clean as needed), and remove trash on a regular workday schedule.  Sheets will be exchanged on request and are expected to be changed at least weekly.  Guests are expected to maintain their rooms in a respectable manner which will be monitored by Troop Camp Staff to ensure use is consistent with AF/ANG standards. 

11. Amenities at the Troop Camp include dayrooms, kitchen, laundry room, ice machine, and outdoor patio.  Usage of these areas, items, and equipment are restricted to members staying in Troop Camp and facility staff with the exception of base personnel utilizing the authorized smoking area on the outdoor patio. All items and equipment are expected to stay in their respective locations within the common areas.    

12. Supervisors play a vital role in the effective use of Troop Camp and should regularly visit to familiarize themselves with the facility as well as complete spot inspections when members are staying longer than a week. It is the responsibility of the member’s supervisor to know, understand, and ensure adherence to this policy and Troop Camp Standards.  Supervisors will be notified of any issues pertaining to member’s adherence to this policy and are expected to provide Troop Camp Staff corrective actions within five business days via email.    

13. Troop Camp Staff is available 0700-1600 on regular work days, 0700-2300 on Thursdays and Fridays and 0700-2000 on Saturdays of RSD. Contact MSgt Jeanne Candau ext. 541-8856365 with any questions or concerns.  
JEFFREY S. SMITH, Colonel, ORANG Commander, 173d Fighter Wing

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